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Our Story

A really long time ago a diabolically smart person (possibly even your grandmother’s grandmother’s grandmother) decided that elbow pasta and cheese should be mixed together and served as a dish. An American classic was born. All of these years later Elbow Room is serving up the comfort food you crave (and sometimes even obsess over) with all the modern foodie twists you’ve come to expect… and more.

Elbow Room will remind you of the comfortability of home and the multitude
of flavors you loved while growing up.

We have taken all of your favorite ingredients and used Mac and Cheese as the common denominator. For example, our Chicken Tinga Mac (Tinga is a mexican spice made of chipotle peppers, tomatoes and Mexican chorizo) is a popular Mexican street food that we add along with avocados and pickled red onions to our Mac and Cheese to create an unique culinary experience. Remember that voice at the dinner table saying "stop playing with your food"? We got your back! The Elbow Room encourages you to "keep playing with your food."

Please join us in our fight to make Mac and Cheese an entree! We look forward to seeing you very soon, and if your prefer,
we deliver too!!

Our Ingredients

We’ve taken your version of traditional mac and cheese and added the highest-quality, freshest toppings we can source such as 100% grass- fed beef, Maine lobster, locally-grown organic veggies, and only the best varieties of artisanally crafted cheese. With over 12 macs to choose from there’s a version for everyone…from those looking to indulge, to those watching their waistlines… we even have a vegetarian mac and we swear you wouldn’t know the difference.

Our Chef

Not much is known about Mr. Elbow except that he couch surfs from one grandmothers house to the next, mostly in the southern states but he has been known to cross a few borders as well. The one thing that is known is that Mr. Elbow is a gastronomical genius, who likes to play with flavors and classic pairings.

He is a child of the 80's! Stuck in the past but not afraid of the future! He is a huge Ms. Pacman
fan and often challenges the grandmothers to marathon games. It is said that he holds several Gallaga top scores in convenient stores across the country.

Mr. Elbow Room is a true kid at heart, who loves pleasing the masses with his play on the tra-
ditional mac and cheese. Mr. Elbow is a student of the game, always listening, learning, and creating new ways to diversify his mac and cheese portfolio!

Cheers for the return of the Mac